Count-n-Control lets you monitor stock levels, cost menu items more accurately, and track your sales and profits. Follow your inventory through the entire life cycle—from intake to menu preparation to sales—to get a clear view of your restaurant’s food requirements and overall profitability.

Used by cafes, restaurants, and institutional kitchens since 2009, Cost-n-Control is a trusted tool that offers reliable service and robust support.

Count-n-Control is web-based, so there’s no software to download and no hardware to install. It’s secure, centralized, and accessible from any web-enabled computer, so even when you’re offsite, you’re always in touch with your business.

Count-n-Control is designed to fit your business. You can assign different access levels for owners, managers, head chefs, and staff, so only some users can see certain types of data or perform certain actions on the system. All activity is logged so that you can see the changes employees make to the system. You can also choose your preferred business cycle—daily, weekly, monthly, or another customized period.


Which menu items are most profitable? Which are holding you back? How can you grow sales and profits? Find out with Write-a-Recipe: a simple recipe costing and profit optimization tool that will transform your business.

Write-a-Recipe lets you record recipe details, calculate ingredient costs, and track sales for each menu item. You’ll learn how to cost menu items more accurately and ensure menus reflect the most popular and profitable choices. Plus, you can adjust or change ingredients and instantly recalculate costs and profits on every menu item you offer.

Get a clear picture of the popularity and profitability of every menu item you offer, and adjust recipes dynamically to optimize net profits. Write-a-Recipe gives you a new level of control over your business.


The simple Schedule-a-Shift user interface makes it easy to see your staff schedule at a glance.

Create your own Work Stations; assign Team Member Shifts to a Work Station; and add work instructions to your Shifts.

Automatic email notifications lets the employees know when they are required to work. And Employees can view their Schedule online and/or download to PDF.


Record Employee details and keep a record of their history throughout the Employment Life-Cyle.

With Staff-a-Restaurant you can record key Employment Events such as Hires, Promotions, Job Changes and Terminations to build a picture of your Employees relationship with your business.

Simply sign up and start entering information:

  • Personal Details
  • Job Title
  • Employment Status
  • Pay Rate
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Employment Events
  • Basis of Employment
  • Compensation Plan
  • Emergency Contacts