• Save on food costs.  What do you really spend on ingredients? Track inventory costs and see which substitutions could save you money.
  • Increase profitability. Identify your most and least profitable menu items, and adjust recipes to achieve even higher profits.
  • Manage your business from anywhere.  Can’t always be on-site? You can check in on your business remotely from any web-enabled computer.
  • No hardware to buy, no software to install. Our secure, web-based tools require no hardware, set-up, or maintenance costs. Sign up and get started in minutes!
  • No technical knowledge required Run-a-Restaurant tools are designed for businesspeople, not technical experts. No training required!

Reduce costs and boost profits with simple, web-based management tools from Run-a-Restaurant.

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See your costs. Optimise your profits. Grow your business.

Run-A-Restaurant designs affordable, easy-to-use tools for restaurant owners and managers who want to increase profit margins and grow their business year over year.

Our restaurant management apps are tailored to fit the needs of single- or multiple-location restaurants, cafes, franchised operations, institutional kitchens, and more.

For one low monthly subscription you get all the functionality you need to manage your food operation. Each app is designed to integrate seamlessly with the others to provide an integrated, holistic view of your business.

An inventory management app that lets you monitor stock usage, enter stocktakes, track purchases, enter sales, and monitor performance indicators such as sales and gross profits.

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A recipe costing and menu engineering app that lets you record, cost, and standardise new and existing recipes, project and evaluate menu performance, and identify your most popular and profitable items.

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A Human Resource Management app to record employee details and keep a record of employment history throughout the "Employment Life-Cyle".

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An Staff Scheduling app is makes it easy to schedule your restaurant team and notify employees of their weekly schedule.

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The Run-A-Restaurant suite of apps was created by a hospitality industry professional with real-world experience. Learn more about the company founder...


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Aston Court Hotel, Derby

I have been using Count-n-Control now for around 12 months and I have found it an extremely useful tool for monitoring and controlling my food and liquor GP’s. Count-n-Control has met my needs and I am looking forward to working with them in the future as the system develops further.

George Belperio, Fasta Pasta

Controlling food cost is key to the success of any food operation. Count-n-Control tracks stock usage and produces meaningful operational metrics. With Count-n-Control it's easy to monitor your operation remotely from the internet making it ideal for multi-site operations. I have no hesitation recommending Count-n-Control.

Pizza Factory, London

I have found Count-n-Control to be a useful tool for tracking stock and controlling costs. It is simple to use and provides valuable information enabling me to better manage my business.

Crystal, Restaurex

I love the program! It has made keeping track of my inventory a breeze!

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